In Honor of #GridWeek in Washington DC

An infographic from Understanding the Grid

Ever since Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla battled it out during the War of the Currents in the late 19th century, electricity has been a central part of life in America. We are constantly connected to the power grid, which keeps our food refrigerated, our homes heated, our computers running and our rooms lit. Power lines, transmission stations and power plants have become a part of the landscape — to the point that we hardly notice them.

But have you ever really thought about the complex system that generates electricity, carries it across miles of transmission lines and then delivers it to your home?

Understanding the Grid infographic energy

Grid Modernization Summit
Nov 07, 2016 – Nov 10, 2016 Washington, DC
Sponsored by SGIP
This executive summit promises to be filled with the latest in grid modernization and networking opportunities for non-members, members and guests to create connections, advance transformation, and share solutions. With a speaker program composed of utility, vendor, and industry senior executives, FERC, government, regulators, national labs, and consultants, the 2016 Grid Modernization Summit’s theme is “Accelerating Transformation.”