EcoSystems Uses Leak Detection & Retrofits Lower Water Bills

Miami-based EcoSystems was featured on ABC Channel 10 News for their Earth Day broadcast.¬†Brothers Richard and Lawrence Lamondin were interview by ABC reporter/anchor, Victor Oquendo, ¬†on how they are able to save their clients “millions of gallons of water, while lowering water bills by thousands of dollars”

Saving the environment and saving money usually don’t go hand in hand, and most conservation efforts cost a pretty penny. But Miami-based company Eco Systems says they’ve done both…


“We have a company that’s able to do something for the environment as well as business,” Eco Systems co-founder Lawrence Lamondin said.


Lamondin said it’s all in their technology and leak detection system.


“What we do is go into properties like condominiums, nursing homes, etc, and we retrofit, especially in the bathrooms,” co-founder Richard Lamondin said. “We don’t rip anything out. We keep the guts and make adjustments.”

In addition to their WaterWise program, EcoSystems offers a similar program designed to reduce electrical usage called EnergySmart.

EcoSystems’ EnegySmart electrical retrofit program provides complete turnkey services using only the most up to date LED and CFL green-market technologies. Coupled with our strategic implementation of motion and sound sensors in areas such as stairwells and hallways, we guarantee a substantial lowering in your buildings electrical costs.

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Check out the full interview on ABC Channel 10:

EcoSystems ABC Channel 10 interview