Green Walls at Edmonton International Airport in Alberta Canada

What are “green walls”? Sometimes called “living walls” or “vertical gardens”, they aren’t your classic ivy covered wall. In short, it is any type of verticle container that attaches to a wall, allowing plants to grow without having their roots in the ground. Green walls can be used inside or outside the building. They can help reduce temperatures in the buildings, as well as improve air quality. And for the urban gardener, it is a great use of space!

Glenn Myers brings us another great guest post with photos of the green walls at the Edmonton International Airport in Alberta Canada.

Looking Closely at Green Walls in Alberta (via Green Building Elements)

Matt Mirandi has sent us some information on green walls featured on ecomagination and created by Green Over Grey. He introduces the subject with convincing written parlance: “Green walls are awesome.  They’re art; they help promote relaxation and healing, reduce indoor pollution (and noise…

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