So You Think You Know Solar?

Love this solar quiz from The Climate Reality Project. Fifteen questions about the history and technology of solar energy. I consider myself to be relatively knowledgeable on this topic, yet missed quite a few of the answers. Question #2, in particular, surprised me.

Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on the planet. In many US states and around the world, it’s now cost-competitive with other sources of energy – and it doesn’t emit the dangerous greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Solar is a real win-win in the fight for climate solutions.


But how much do you really know about the technology that takes the immense power of the sun and turns it into electricity? Take our quiz… and find out!

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Climate Reality video: Kids Can See It. Why Can’t We?

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“What’s the difference between the earth’s eco-system and Goldman Sachs? The world’s eco-system is not too big too fail.” That is just one of the jokes told in this amusing video about global climate change from the Climate Reality Project.

Despite overwhelming international scientific consensus on climate change, the global community still lacks the resolve to implement meaningful solutions. The Climate Reality Project exists to forge an unwavering bedrock of impassioned support necessary for urgent action. With that foundation, together we will ignite the moral courage in our leaders to solve the climate crisis.