Zara Brickell City Centre Certified LEED Gold

Zara International Fashion‘s retail store at 701 South Miami Avenue in Brickell City Centre was awarded LEED Gold certification on April 1, 2019.

Front of Zara store showing glass doors with a woman walking through & the shop windows with brightly lit displays
Zara at Brickell City Centre, 201 South Miami Avenue (photo courtesy: Phillip Pessar CC by 2.0 Flicker)

Zara, part of the Inditex family of fashion brands, opened their 30,851 square foot, two-story retail location at Brickell City Centre in December 2017. Zara offers clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children.

Zara’s story begins with the opening of our first store in the Spanish coastal city of A Coruña in 1975, an early milestone in our company’s long history. Over the years, Zara has remained faithful to its core values, expressed simply in the same four key words that define all our stores: beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability.

Zara – Inditex

Zara achieved Gold-level certification in the “LEED for Interior Design and Construction: Retail v3 – LEED 2009” category offered by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED for Interior Design and Construction provides “the opportunity to develop indoor spaces that are better for the planet and for people” for retail, hospitality & other commercial properties when the company does not own/control the building itself.

In addition to seeking LEED ID+C certification in their retail outlets, Zara has built it’s brand around sustainability in fashion.

Zara’s “Join Life” collection and the eco-stores are two examples that underline the brand’s unwavering focus on sustainability and improved customer experience. These developments have been further enriched by a range of new and innovative projects, such as the installation of clothing recycling containers in-store and a scheme providing for free at-home collection of used garments to complement the delivery of online orders.

Zara – Inditex

Congratulations to Zara for their commitment to responsible fashion and for obtaining their LEED Gold certification at Brickell City Centre!