Setting the Solar Story Straight – An Infographic from PV-Magazine

Yesterday, Philip Stoddard, Mayor of South Miami, wrote:

I am trying to envision my first $7 electric bill from FPL. For years I’ve watched the prices drop on photovoltaic panels. Solar hit “grid parity” last year, meaning that installing new solar power had become as cheap as buying power from the existing energy grid, at the industrial scale anyway. Residential rooftop is necessarily less economical. But how much? I found a company that installs rooftop solar for $2.25 per watt using high-end American and German hardware with the longest factory warranties. Subtract the 30% federal tax credit, and that comes to $1.57 per installed watt. Over the expected life of the array, accounting for capital costs and depreciation, our effective electric rate would average 70% of what we are currently paying FPL. Gee.

He, like many of us in sunny South Florida, are wondering if solar power is an idea who’s time has finally arrived. The folks over at pv-magazine seem to think so:

Infographic: Setting the solar story straight
Solar myths infographic by pv magazine

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    I agree the time is here for all Florida homes & businesses that have reasonable amount of exposure to sunlight to go solar with solar attic fans, solar water heaters, solar air conditioners and PV systems.

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