Saving Biscayne Bay – Afterword

Silver Bluffs and Biscayne Bay

Earlier this evening, I watched Louise Aguirre’s special “Saving Biscayne Bay” on WPLG Local 10; and participated in the Facebook Live town hall with FIU Institute of Environment researchers:

  • Dr. Tiffany Troxler, Associate Director of Science, Sea Level Solutions Center & Member of the Biscayne Bay Task Force
  • Dr. Thomas Frankovich, Research Assistant Professor, Southeast Environmental Research Center
  • Dr. Todd Crowl, Executive Director, Institute of Environment
  • Dr. James Fortrum, Director of Oceans & Coastlines Division
  • Dr. Piero Gardinali, Director of the Freshwater Resources Division, Southeast Environmental Research Center
  • Dr. Ligia Collado-Vides, Senior Lecturer, Associate Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

It was an amazing an informative hour and a half, and I highly recommend for everyone to watch for themselves.

While tonight’s event was prompted by the fish kill in Biscayne Bay last month, the underlying causes have been a matter of great concern for a long, long, long time.

“Saving Biscayne Bay” focused on the immediate crisis of the fish kill and some of its causes, including sewage leaks/spills and pollution. Images of piles of plastic & other pollution in Little River & San Souci canals was particularly disturbing.

The town hall went into those causes a bit deeper with experts from FIU’s Institute of Environment taking audience questions.

In response to overwhelming audience requests, the latter part of the town hall including recommendations for what we, as ordinary citizens, can do to help save our Biscayne Bay. Suggestions included reduction/elimination of fertilizers (especially from May through September) and the use of native landscaping; don’t through grass clipping, palm fronds or other yard debris into the waterways, reporting clogged storm drains, and education.


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