Health of Biscayne Bay Is ‘At A Tipping Point’

On the heels of NOAA’s study published earlier this week, WLRN is reporting on the findings of a Grand Jury convened last year to look at the condition of Miami’s Biscayne Bay. Short version: the health of Biscayne Bay is “at a tipping point”.

Biscayne Bay sits as the crown jewel of our environment. Biscayne Bay is an estuary where freshwater from the mainland mixes with saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean. It is a source of numerous recreational and commercial activities, including boating, fishing, cruising, diving, and sightseeing. Clearly, the health and cleanliness of Biscayne Bay is vital to our community and to our economy.

View of Biscayne Bay from Alice Wainwright Park

The report points to three primary causes of our rapidly deteriorating water quality in Biscayne Bay – sewage contamination, excess nutrients, and pollution – and discusses the sources of each in depth. Their conclusion:

It is obvious that the health of our precious Biscayne Bay and our underground drinking water is at a state of precarious balance, brought forth by the many forces which have been discussed herein, most of which are man-made. The entire balance is further threatened by rising sea levels.

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