Florida Brewery Creates Edible Six Pack Rings to Save Marine Life

photo courtesy We Believers
photo courtesy We Believers

This is just sheer awesomeness for marine animals, seabirds and, frankly, all wildlife (including the human kind)! Saltwater Brewery, a craft beer brewery located in Delray Beach Florida, in partnership with We Believers in New York, has invented six-pack rings made from barley and wheat, two by-products of the beer brewing process. The 3D-printed six-pack rings are 100% edible, biodegradable and compostable; so no matter where they end up, they aren’t harming the environment.

“Together with Saltwater Brewery, a small craft beer brand in Florida whose primary target are surfers, fishermen and people who love the sea, we decided to tackle the issue head on and make a statement for the whole beer industry to follow,” We Believers co-founder and chief strategist Marco Vega commented.

Saltwater Brewery president and founder Chris Gove says, “We hope to influence the big guys and hopefully inspire them to get on board.”

photo courtesy Saltwater Brewery
photo courtesy Saltwater Brewery

In addition to these ingenious edible six-pack rings, Saltwater Brewery is a friend to the environment in other ways:

We utilize a sustainable approach to brewing beer. All of our spent grain is used to feed local cattle. By local, we mean local, The cows are fed only 30 miles from the Brewery. All of the beef is free range.

We take pride in embracing the roots of brewing culture. Using only pure and natural ingredients, special care is given to each batch of hand crafted Beer. Saltwater Brewery is more than a craft brewing company; it’s a way of life. We opened our doors December 2013 with a team of Floridians, and 1 transplant, whose roots and values spur from a lifestyle that revolves around the ocean. Our goal is to maintain the world’s greatest wonder by giving back to the ocean through Ocean Based Charities (CCA, Surfrider, Ocean Foundation, MOTE). Our passion for making Quality Beer for you is the way we can ensure we give back to the ocean as much as possible! Come with us to “Explore the Depths of Beer”, Cheers!

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