Chipping Away at Our National Parks

Biscayne National Park, in South Florida, is the world’s largest marine park with 95% of its area under water (photo credit: NPS photo by Shaun Wolfe)

Scientific America has an excellent (albeit disheartening) article written by Dana Hunter up at their website:

The Trump Administration’s Effect on National Parks

How are our national parks faring under the Trump administration and its Republican Congress? Let’s take a look at the latest actions, and you can decide for yourselves.

The report goes on to detail five areas where the current administration is harming the national treasure it is charged with protecting on our behalf:

  • The Trump Administration is Determined to Shrink National Monuments
  • The Trump Administration’s Proposed Budget Slashes National Park Funding
  • The Trump Administration is Muzzling the National Park Service
  • The Trump Administrations is Silencing NPS Climate Change Experts
  • The Trump Administration is Overturning Sensible NPS Regulations

As she writes, “It’s been a hard summer for our public lands.”¬†I highly recommend the full article:The Trump Administration’s Effect on National Parks

Our public lands deserve better. Contact your member of Congress today and demand they support the National Park Service and protect our national monuments.

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