Trevor Talks Trash

Recycling has become one of those “too much of a good thing” things, particularly recycling plastics. What happened in the 1960s and ’70s wasn’t that recycling was invented, but that the reasons for it changed. Rather than recycle in order to get the most out of the materials, Americans began to recycle in order to

Is Your In-Sink Garbage Disposal a Green Choice?

Simply put, food waste is a big environmental problem. It’s the largest source of waste in our nation’s landfills, where it sits and produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.   There’s a simple solution to this food waste challenge, and it’s sitting right under many American sinks. But a new

It’s Boxing Day!

Lloyd Alter over at went on a little bit of a (thoroughly enjoyable) rant about Boxing Day today. As he noted in his article, Boxing Day is the “English tradition of putting together a box of money, gifts, hand-me-downs and even leftover food for servants who had to work Christmas day and got the next

3rd Annual Eco Couture Recycling Fashion Show at FIU

It’s almost here! The 3rd annual Eco Couture Recycling Fashion Show is on March 31 at 8:00 p.m. in the courtyard of the Paul Cejas Architecture Building, Modesto Maidique (main) Campus at Florida International University. Created by friend and fellow USGBC member, Amira Ajlouni, as part of her thesis project in 2014, the fashion show’s purpose is to

Sweden Plans to Be a Fossil-Free Country By 2030

As in fossil-fuels, not dinosaur bones. Sweden is already ahead of other nations in reducing fossil-fuel use by producing energy from their waste – so much so that they have to import garbage from the UK, Norway, Denmark and other neighboring countries. But Sweden wants to go even further by becoming entirely fossil-free by 2030,

5 Simple Ways to Green Your Apartment

If you are a renter in one of the condominium towers built in the City of Miami after 2010, chances are good that you are already living in a “green” building. According to Miami 21, the City of Miami planning code, “All new Buildings of more than 50,000 square feet of Habitable Rooms and Habitable Space

How to Keep Your Miami Recycling Cart Happy

Miami-Dade County has given us this bit of silliness to help educate Miami-Dade residents about what can and cannot be recycled in our county’s curbside recycling program. Recycling carts are fed up with being fed the wrong things… find out how to Keep Your Cart Happy! Miami-Dade County provides curbside recycling services to residents in

Eco-Couture 2015 – Inspiring a Tradition

Florida International University alumna Amira Ajlouni turned recycled materials into a fashion statement again last week. On April 2, she hosted her second annual Eco-Couture Fashion Show in the courtyard at the Paul Cejas Architecture Building, Modesto Maidique Campus, FIU. What is Eco-Couture Eco-Couture was created with the purpose of promoting sustainability through fashion. Through collaborative