Element Hotels Expanding to Doral, Frankfurt, London, Vancouver

In February 2012, Element Miami announced the opening of its LEED-certified hotel here at the Miami International Airport. Since then, the “stylish, eco-wise brand” has been expanding rapidly, and its portfolio is expected to double within the next two years. Parent company, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. has also announced “Element will expand outside

Cute Infographic: Welcome to the Home of Tomorrow… Today

Eurofit Direct Furniture Fittings, a company in East Yorkshire England, has a wonderful blog which recently posted this cute infographic. I giggled out loud at their intro: “So get off your hoverboard, put down your sonic screwdriver, and check out our infographic, showcasing some advanced technology designed to transform your out-dated dwelling into the cutting-edge

People Who Live in Glass Houses

Green Building Elements posted an article about the Vertical Glass House, built by West Bund Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary Art in Shanghai China. While I love the use of glass in architecture, I think I’d like a little more privacy in the bathroom. I’d also prefer my view to be the outdoors rather than

South Florida’s SuperGreen Solutions Expands Into Canada and Panama

SuperGreen Solutions is a franchise retail chain with its headquarters in Palm Beach, Florida, and stores in 15 states. Late last year, SuperGreen Solutions announced that they’ve signed master franchise agreements in Canada and Panama. Master franchisee Francis Gough has signed 10-unit development deal for three provinces in Canada, including British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

VERGE São Paulo: Technology and Sustainability in Brazil

Already well-known as one of the BRICS (an association of five major emerging and fast-growing national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) did you know that Brazil is also a leader in the green energy rankings? In 2012 82.8% of Brazil’s domestic energy production was in renewables, ahead of every other country except

Green Walls at Edmonton International Airport in Alberta Canada

What are “green walls”? Sometimes called “living walls” or “vertical gardens”, they aren’t your classic ivy covered wall. In short, it is any type of verticle container that attaches to a wall, allowing plants to grow without having their roots in the ground. Green walls can be used inside or outside the building. They can

Europe Installed Two-Thirds of the World’s New Solar Power in 2011

In 2011, the United States ranked 31st for “Total New Solar Power per Million People”, while Florida ranked 17th in the country. However, according to SEIA’s “U.S. Solar Market Insight Report 2011 Year-in-Review”: “2011 was a historic year. On the positive side, the market for solar installations continued to boom, as the U.S. installed 1,855