Sand Wars – April 9 at the Miami Beach Cinematheque

The Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches presents “Sand Wars”, a documentary by award-winning director Denis Delestrac, this coming Wednesday, April 9th, at the Miami Beach Cinematheque at 7:00 p.m. Synopsis from SandWars: “Most of us think of it as a complimentary ingredient of any beach vacation. Yet those seemingly insignificant grains of silica surround

Berkeley Study: Suburban Sprawl Cancels Carbon Footprint Savings of Dense Urban Cores

Recent Study: Suburban Sprawl Cancels Carbon Footprint Savings of Dense Urban Cores (via Green Building Elements) Lessons learned in history, were that, lessons learned from everyday experiences. People developed and moved to the suburbs because more space was needed to start and expand families and because they wanted fresh air away from the industrial working…

Paper or Plastic: Which Bags Hurt the Environment More?

DNews (Discovery News) is part of the Discovery Channel communications network and “is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.” This week, Trace Dominguez provides a funny informative video on the age-old green question: Paper vs. plastic bags. “As Trace explains, for cities around

Every School Should Have A Garden

Love this graphic from Grow Food Not Lawns and it reminded me of a Miami Herald article I read earlier this year about Leewood K-8 Center public school in Miami. Seventh-grade science teacher, Angela Holbrook, started the project with her class August 2012. They planted an organic food garden near their classroom, and students from

Climate Reality video: Kids Can See It. Why Can’t We?

“What’s the difference between the earth’s eco-system and Goldman Sachs? The world’s eco-system is not too big too fail.” That is just one of the jokes told in this amusing video about global climate change from the Climate Reality Project. Despite overwhelming international scientific consensus on climate change, the global community still lacks the resolve

President Obama Says New Standards to Cut Greenhouse Emmissions “Don’t Sound All That Sexy”

On June 25th, at Georgetown University, President Obama spoke about global climate change and what his administration is doing to address it. He also announced new mandatory restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from industrial sources. Today, about 40 percent of America’s carbon pollution comes from our power plants. But here’s the thing: Right now, there are

My Earth Day Message: Don’t litter

This is one of the most heart-breaking videos I’ve ever seen. Created in 2009 by Chris Jordan, he writes: “These photographs of albatross chicks were made in September 2009 on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand and coral near the middle of the North Pacific. The nesting babies are fed bellies-full of plastic by

Historic Trees Donated to Future Site of Miami’s Museum Park

NBC 6 South Florida reports that Swire Properties has donated forty trees from their Brickell CitiCentre site to the future Pérez Art Museum Miami site. The trees, including historic oaks, gumbo limbos and strangler figs, range from 25 to 150 years old. Arborist Lisa Hammer is overseeing the excavation and the loading the giant trees onto