September 22: Pivoting School Sustainability Programming in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, September 22 | Time: 3-4 p.m. EST The school year is under way but so much is different this fall. Four green school district champions will share how they’ve shifted their educational and behavior change programming to take advantage of opportunities for outdoor learning, home-based engagement activities, energy auditing, and online zero waste

September 15: Mental Health & Resiliency in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, September 15 | Time: 3-4 p.m. EST The pandemic has taken a significant toll on people’s mental health, especially those working in schools. Presenters from the Green Schools National Network and districts across the country will help webinar attendees understand the importance of sustaining one’s own health and wellness as well as provide

September 1: Recycling and Composting in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, September 1 | Time: 3-4 p.m. EST Keeping on track with recycling and composting goals is a challenge in normal times, but the increased packaging, eating in the classroom, and PPE waste, as a result of COVID, is creating real issues for sustainability champions. Hear how school systems are proactively responding by pivoting

August 25: Energy and IAQ in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, August 25 | Time: 3-4 p.m. EST As schools discuss how to reopen safely, all eyes are on indoor air quality. Join this webinar to hear how energy and facilities staff are shifting operations and maintenance of their school buildings and what new technologies are being considered for providing healthier spaces. Presenters will

August 20: Zero Energy Schools Are Here to Stay

Date: Thursday, August 20, 2020 | Time: 3-4 p.m. EST Schools are leading the race to zero energy construction with over 200 verified and emerging educational projects across the country aiming to consume only as much energy as they produce from renewable resources. Recent advancements in building codes and zero energy policies confirm that zero

August 18: Green Cleaning in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, August 18 | Time: 3-4 p.m. EST Schools are investing significant resources in cleaning products and new technologies to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but few are considering how these materials will impact human health and the environment. During this webinar, co-hosted with Healthy Schools Campaign, school district staff will share evidence of

Going to the Beach This Summer?

#NaturePBS wants us to notice nature at the beach this summer. Their suggestions: Collect (photographs) of sand crabs and take note of how many you find Survey the shorebirds and identify the species in the area Watch the waves for sea creatures feeding close to shore Even better? Use your iNaturalist app to record your

University of Miami Student Housing Gets Green Roofs

The University of Miami’s new Lakeside Village student community housing demonstrates some of the best aspects of environmental sustainability in the built environment, as well as some of the most challenging scenarios. With its location on a sensitive coastal watershed in a hurricane zone, every aspect of the building operations must be accountable to the environment.

August 29: Resiliency Through Landscape Design in Public Spaces

Join USGBC Miami and leading industry professionals as we explore how resilient landscape architecture can be an effective tool to mitigate impacts of more frequent tidal flooding, coastal erosion, and stronger hurricanes. Learn what local designers, city officials, and organizations are doing to manage our climate adaptation strategies and to improve our local blue-green infrastructure

August 24: Green Urban Planning & Bird-Friendly Buildings

Earn your Wings — the Audubon Ambassador Program is open to anyone 18 years and older who is curious to learn more about the environment. Our August session spotlights Smart Growth, Green Urban Planning and Bird-Friendly Buildings. Learn about South Florida’s history of development and ways you can ensure a better future for our region.